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Practical preparations for ISO 20022
Migration to the new ISO 20022 standard has been on the radar of banks for some time, but with the challenge of recent events and the deadline drawing ever closer, just how prepared is the industry? What stages have projects reached and how realistic is it to
expect full implementation by the proposed deadlines? And with fragmented approaches to adoption looking increasingly likely, how can banks handle translation between SWIFT MT and ISO formats?

Join Peter Hoogervorst, Managing Director Transaction Banking Products Asia, Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank and Convenor of the ISO 20022 Standards Evaluation Group for Payments, and Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer, Gresham Technologies, to discover:

• Strategic approaches versus transitional solutions: Which are banks prioritising?
•Latest developments on ISO 20022: What is the timeline and how has it been impacted by recent events?
• Fragmented implementation: Challenges of the transition period, including translation between MT and MX formats and exception management.
• Leveraging the benefits of ISO 20022: Improving efficiency, straight through processing, cost management, and more
• Systems and data: Handling increased data granularity, integrating systems and data flows
• Educating your customers on ISO 20022 and the opportunities it offers them
• Internal stakeholder management: Which areas of the bank are most impacted and how much understanding is there of the consequences? Where is ISO 20022 on the priority agenda?


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